CEO Jacob Hsu named GameChanger by Baltimore Magazine

Catalyte's CEO Jacob Hsu's headshot set against the backdrop of Baltimore Inner Harbor

Put our talent to work

Baltimore Magazine named Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu one of its 2021 GameChangers. This recognition highlights the people and organizations that are working to create positive change in Baltimore.

Catalyte, a 700-plus employee company headquartered in the Federal Reserve Bank building downtown, has trained over 1,000 software developers from non-traditional backgrounds and has offices in eight cities across the U.S.

The reach of their work is remarkable. Once the company hires someone, they may go to work on contract or full-time for clients that have ranged from sportswear giants to digital payment firms and large health insurers.

What Catalyte is doing is showing how education and employment can really work for everyone involved, meeting a demand (about 1 million software development jobs available today) with talent.

You can read the full article, including the inspiration stories of three of our software engineers, in the link above.

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