Shoutout on WYPR’s Midday podcast

Baltimore's Inner Harbor at sunset. Cities like Baltimore are using Catalyte for junior tech talent.

Put our talent to work

Baltimore has been front-and-center in the recent national news cycle. Locally, pundits and media have focused on positive aspects of the city.

We were flattered that Tom Hall and Dr. Sheri Parks mentioned Catalyte as one of those positive aspects on a recent episode of WYPR’s Midday podcast.

You can listen to the full conversation here, or watch the recorded Facebook live broadcast here. Catalyte is mentioned at 12:35 on the podcast and 23:00 of the video during a conversation on how to supply employment opportunities to underserved communities.

There’s a company founded here in Baltimore, Catalyte, that looks at the aptitude for programming. So you can move from being a truck driver to being a computer programmer, because you have the aptitude… We have to be much more creative about how we address the wisdom and the skills that are in the communities now without approaching it from the deficit model. – Dr. Sheri Parks

We remain dedicated to the idea that aptitude is equally distributed, opportunity is not. We know the difference these opportunities make in the lives of individuals and the fortunes of communities. We will continue to work to expand them to as many people in as many cities as possible, opening new pathways into the tech industry.

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