Catalyte welcomes three new executives

Three new Catalyte executives, all male, pose for individual headshot photos

Put our talent to work

Catalyte is gearing up for an unprecedented year of offering clients more ways to find and engage the tech talent they need to succeed, and expanding opportunities for anyone with the aptitude to become a great software developer to enter the tech industry.

Please welcome our three new executives who will help guide this progress and further our mission to unleash untapped human potential.

Glenn Luk – Chief financial officer

Glenn believes that the full power of technology can only be unlocked if you address the disruption that it causes. With degrees in computer science engineering and economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Glenn brings a holistic understanding of the tech industry to his role at Catalyte. Growing up in New Jersey, he was a Nets fan long before they moved to Brooklyn.

Greg Sybersma – Chief strategy officer

For over 15 years, Greg has led numerous technology, consulting and software organizations like Deltek, Blackboard, BearingPoint and others. An impatient changemaker, he believes that artificial intelligence can be mobilized to accelerate progress, a mission shared by Catalyte. When not exploring the Canadian Rockies with his wife and two dogs, Greg enjoys applying his engineering background to weekend projects.

Marque Chambliss – Chief legal officer

Marque is dedicated to dismantling structural inequities that systematically deny too many people the opportunity to develop their full potential. Marque brings extensive experience in technology licensing, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, contract negotiations and deployment arrangements to Catalyte. You can often find him in the kitchen preparing meals his twin boys rate as, “better than restaurant food.”
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