Catalyte meets with President Obama on expanding tech opportunities

Small meeting with corporate executives and former President Obama

Put our talent to work

Last week, our CEO Jacob Hsu, along with a select group of other tech entrepreneurs, met with President Obama and Steve Case (chairman and CEO of Revolution investment company and co-founder of AOL) to discuss expanding tech opportunities to more Americans.

A recap of this meeting was featured in Wired. An excerpt from that piece is below.

It’s easy to make Jacob Hsu gush about the wonders of Baltimore. The former Silicon Valley executive moved to the Charm City in January 2017, to become CEO of Catalyte, a company that develops software using teams of non-traditional, algorithm-identified engineers. Once in Baltimore, Hsu was overwhelmed by the talent. He could work with city leaders and executives; he could recruit high-up federal employees—opportunities that would be impossible in the Bay Area.

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