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Catalyte has used our AI screening and training to prove that great software developers can come from anywhere, and provide opportunities in the technology industry for those from non-traditional backgrounds.

Today we expand the breadth of those opportunities by publicly unveiling our new Odyssey talent transformation platform. It combines in one product what makes Catalyte unique, what helps our developers transform their lives and how our clients transform their technology organizations.

Where technology talent is seen as scarce, expensive, homogeneous and remote, Odyssey can create high-performing technology workforces that are local, diverse, cost-effective and sustainable. This results in a new pool of great software engineers who will build the products and services to drive business forward.

Below you’ll see more details on this announcement.

Catalyte’s Odyssey platform revolutionizes workforce creation and development market

AI-based technology enables enterprises to close technology talent gap

Catalyte, the workforce development technology company recently featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes” for its ground-breaking ability to transform technology workforces, today launched the Odyssey platform. Leveraging AI-based predictive modeling and advanced analytics, Odyssey helps employers and community coalitions create high-performing technology workforces that are diverse, local, cost-efficient and sustainable.

Since its founding in 2001, Catalyte has validated that aptitude is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. Odyssey discovers high-potential individuals who are often overlooked for technology jobs due to outdated selection and hiring practices that rely too heavily on resumes and college degrees. Candidates are identified inside large corporations via major re-skilling initiatives or from local community populations. Once selected, candidates enroll in Catalyte’s accelerated training program which prepares them for roles on client projects in just five months. Once deployed, they advance their development under the guidance of a journey coach who ensures that developers acquire the skills and abilities to be high performers in the client’s organization.

“Catalyte’s Odyssey platform addresses one of the biggest technology challenges facing companies today – namely building, re-skilling and maintaining teams of high-performing, onshore software developers,” said Jacob Hsu, CEO of Catalyte. “For the first time, companies can discover, train and advance world-class developer talent in their own backyards. Catalyte is changing the way companies build competitive, sustainable technology workforces that support their enterprise goals for digital innovation and growth.”

The Odyssey platform orchestrates three critical steps in the development journey:

  • Discover: Catalyte’s proprietary machine-learning models successfully identify candidates who have the potential to become high-performing software developers. Companies gain visibility into internal and market software developer candidates from non-traditional labor pools.
  • Train: Once individuals qualify, they undertake a rigorous 26-week training program that builds specific skills and abilities needed to become a high-performing software developer. Trainee progress is continually measured along a prescribed competency framework highlighting attainment of key performance goals and delivering targeted instruction from data-informed program recommendations.
  • Advance: Upon completing the training program modules, apprentices are deployed to work on real-world projects under Odyssey’s precision coaching framework, which orchestrates experiences, feedback and prescribed learning interventions to ensure that each developer achieves proficiency in the desired capabilities. Throughout the journey, quantitative and qualitative metrics offer transparent individual and program progress tracking, as well as opportunities to personalize and optimize on the fly.
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