The ultimate baseball road trip and algorithm

Man wearing Baltimore Orioles' shirt and hat leans against a red car

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That guy you see above is Mike Mountain. Mike graduated from Catalyte’s training program in 2014. Since then he’s lead multiple dev teams and instructed several training classes.

On the side, he also created an application that helped him plot the ultimate baseball road trip: visit all 30 MLB parks in just 35 days. This adds up to over 16,000 miles of driving, over 100 hours of baseball and innumerable peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

To get a better sense of it all, look at his travel map.

Mike will visit 33 states, plus D.C. and Ontario.

To hear more about what spurred this adventure, how Catalyte helped him learn the skills to make it all possible and if he’ll be happy or sad to see Manny Machado wearing Dodger blue in L.A., listen to this podcast.

Mike, have a great trip. Just make sure to yell, “O” at the right time during the National Anthem.

Mike’s road trippin’ essentials

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