Jake’s Take: Welcome to the new Catalyte

Put our talent to work

Just over six months ago, I became CEO of Catalyst DevWorks. From day one, I saw that the innovative and successful projects we co-create with clients are a direct result of how we find talent and build teams.

Our ability to find exceptional engineers from anywhere and assemble them into high-performing development teams is unmatched.

To better explain our unique ability to improve client outcomes, while illuminating talent and creating a new American workforce for the digital age, I am excited to announce that Catalyst DevWorks is now Catalyte.


With the new name comes a new way of thinking about what we do and how we do it.

At our core, we are still the catalyst for powering our clients’ innovative application and digital transformation needs through consulting, software engineering and managed services.

But, in addition, you will hear us talk more about how and why our people are better positioned than others in the industry to deliver on the potential of agile, bimodal and digital, and how we shine a light on and discover this untapped talent.

You’ll see us expand our use of big data and analytics to optimize our work and offer clients greater insight into current and future projects, a level of transparency sorely lacking in enterprise software development.

And you’ll hear more about how the Catalyte way of sourcing talent and ability to co-locate not only produces better development outcomes, fuels creativity and increases collaboration, but also how it improves communities and expands career opportunities for those with proven ability, regardless of their background.

You can hear my extended thoughts on all of these issues in the first episode of our newly launched Sourcing for Innovation podcast.

So, on behalf of all Catalytes, welcome to our next iteration. We look forward to co-creating the future with you.

– Jacob Hsu, CEO

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