Center for Data Innovation interviews Tom Iler

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The Center for Data Innovation is a leading think tank studying the intersection of data, technology, and public policy. In its attempt to better understand and publicize the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, the Center interviews leaders in the space.

It recently interviewed our chief product officer, Tom Iler, about Catalyte’s use of AI to identify top tech talent, how AI can kill the resume and how emotional quotient (EQ) can be used in screening models. Read the full interview here after reading the excerpt below.

Michael McLaughlin: Catalyte has been described as a company that “wants to put an end to the resume” by using AI. How exactly do you do this?

Tom Iler: We believe resumes are an outdated, and quite frankly ineffective, way to evaluate talent. Much of what is included in a resume tells you more about the applicant’s pedigree like their address, school attended, prior companies, and so on rather than their aptitude and ability to be a high performer in a given position.

From the very first thing you see, usually the applicant’s name, you are presented with information that has little to no value in predicting how someone will perform in a job. Beyond offering no real value, it creates the potential for bias for or against this person.

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