Jake’s Take: Getting back to work in 2017

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Put our talent to work

Throughout the seemingly endless 2016 presidential campaign, job creation was the one issue that united all candidates and political persuasions. Creating good-paying, family-sustaining jobs is essential to the health of our country’s economy, our global leadership in technology and innovation, the future well-being for our children and grandchildren and the continued revitalization of our local communities.

In 2017, I am confident that Catalyte’s method for providing clients with the best in application development, software engineering and managed IT services will create job opportunities for people in fields that were previously thought to be off limits to most. Our ability to find untapped talent and place them in meaningful, productive jobs means that our company’s growth will fuel growth in the local communities we serve.

How do we do this?

Find untapped talent

We have a unique, proprietary method for finding untapped talent. This method is based on the fact that outcomes, not resumes, are the best predictors of success. We take specific success metrics, screen potential applicants against them and then hire the most capable developers. By not solely relying on pedigree, we broaden the potential applicant pool and open development jobs to previously excluded demographics.

We are looking to increase our rate of hiring in 2017, expanding opportunities to even more people. Currently, we are conducting our first “cycle,” or intensive training/onboarding session, of the year. We will increase the frequency of these cycles as customer demand continues to escalate.

Develop local

Unlike many IT services and outsourcing companies, we conduct 100 percent of our work onshore in the USA. This allows us to rapidly deploy development teams to meet immediate client needs, and have our developers co-locate with clients on a permanent basis if needed.

This ability reinforces Catalyte’s commitment to community. Just as you’ve heard the saying “Buy Local,” we “Develop Local.” Money goes right back into the local communities through paychecks, taxes and local purchases. It keeps the economic benefits with local businesses and residents.

Beyond the economic advantages of developing locally, co-location benefits our clients. We can drive better business results when we are side-by-side with clients. It is impossible to unleash the full potential of agile development if teams aren’t co-located. Sharing the same space increases synchronous learning, speeds development times, improves innovation, lowers overall development costs and helps businesses fundamentally change how technology supports their core business models. Co-location is a superior way to collaborate.

Replicate success

Our business model allows us to replicate this success in new communities around the country. Catalyte currently has our main development centers in Baltimore, Md. and Portland, Ore. As we grow, we can launch new centers in new communities, creating new employment opportunities, hiring from untapped talent pools and locally servicing a growing client base. These self-contained development centers allow us to capitalize on business opportunities in a repeatable and highly scalable manner.

I am excited about expanding what is possible for our clients and communities in 2017. Join Catalyte as we create new opportunities that will power our nation’s modern economy!

– Jacob Hsu, CEO

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