H-1B program doesn’t fix the tech talent gap

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The H-1B visa program has had a turbulent few years. There are those who have advocated for drastic expansion. Others want to eliminate the program entirely.

Either argument is irrelevant, writes Catalyte founder and executive chairman Michael Rosenbaum. The H-1B program doesn’t fix the problem it was created to solve: providing enough software engineers to satisfy the demand for these talents in an environment where every company must build software and technology as part of its core business.

Michael goes on to explain in his latest Sourcing for Innovation InfoWorld article:

The only scalable way to shrink the tech talent gap – with or without H-1Bs – is through non-traditional talent discovery. By recognizing brilliant engineers exist beyond the traditional source of Stanford’s computer science department, enterprises can discover exceptional talent right here in America…

By harnessing the power of people analytics, leveraging large data sets on people and mapping those data sets to software engineering excellence, enterprises can screen large number of applicants to find the small percentage who will be outstanding performers in a software engineering role.

This, not H-1Bs, is the answer to our tech talent shortage.

You can read this and all of Michael’s articles on his Sourcing for Innovation blog.

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