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This month has been a busy one for Catalyte speaking to the press and at events, showing how we and RetrainAmerican are building a more equitable workforce.

Here is a round up of things you may have missed.

Corridor Business Journal – Diversity Straight Up podcast

CEO Jacob Hsu discusses George Floyd, bias, stepping outside of your comfort zone at life and work and the role of diversity in innovation in this podcast recorded live from EntreFEST.

World Trade Center Institute Webinar – The Disruption Dilemma: How to Pivot from Crisis to Success

Your world has changed, and it’s time to steer the ship out of harm’s way and into calmer waters as you redefine the new business as usual. Catalyte, Mind Over Machines and Verizon Media discuss a global approach to pivoting, short term planning, and building long term success with technology and your people in the face of disruption.

Baltimore Business Journal – Catalyte CEO: In tech, ‘crises and pivots’ are part of the business model

Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu said disruptions that affect tech companies are not always as big as Covid-19, but they are expected. [Login required]

The Innovator – How AI Is Impacting HR And The Future Of Work

If developed and deployed correctly, AI-based tools have the potential to boost employee productivity, save HR departments time and money, and improve fairness and diversity outcomes. Used wrongly, AI human resource tools can reinforce historical biases and expose the companies that use these tech tools to reputational damage and legal issues. Learn how The World Economic Forum and several startups are helping corporates find the right approach. [Login required]

Human Resource Executive – This hiring tool ‘distinguishes itself’

Catalyte predicts the likelihood that an investment in training will produce the desired result. The company identifies people from non-traditional sources who have the potential to become high-performing software developers. Its nine-figure revenue numbers tell you everything you need to know.

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