Power of colocation for software development

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The need to deliver innovation software across all industries has changed the ways in which we work. It has shifted the focus away from remote workforces and back to the idea that the best software results are achieved by an engineering team, in one place, working on one thing.

So says Catalyte’s founder and executive chairman Michael Rosenbaum in his latest InfoWorld column “Impact of colocation on software development“:

“Digital transformation is about organizational change that allows technical teams to be more core to the business. The only way for that to happen is for technical teams to understand the business at a deep, intuitive level.

Colocation is a prerequisite for this, as it facilitates technical teams participating in the decision-making process. And colocation, or at least local presence, makes it easier for engineering teams to both be customers to and understand customers of the business.

The transition away from remote engineering teams, whether they are outsourced or internal teams that are widely dispersed, places technologists closer to the heart of the organization. Software requirements that were once tossed over the wall from business to IT are now crafted in tandem by product owners and engineers who can anticipate customer needs and tie them to business outcomes.”

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