Sourcing for Innovation – Ep. 3: Project management anti-patterns

Sourcing for Innovation

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Anti-patterns are worst practices. They are common solutions to common problems that aren’t really solutions at all. Avoiding anti-patterns is critical to great software development and project management.

For the latest Sourcing for Innovation podcast, Catalyte’s project manager Robert Winkler discussed seven common anti-patterns and how to avoid them. They are:

  • Cart before the horse
  • Death march
  • The 99% rules
  • Over engineering
  • Scope creep
  • Smoke and mirrors
  • Brooks’ Law

To find out how, with proper planning, clear and open communication and the desire to learn from your mistakes, you can stem the anti-pattern tide and manage better, more productive projects, listen to the full podcast embeded below. To catch up on past episodes, listen on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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