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COVID-19 has thrust all of us into uncharted territory. Many businesses are following the advice of public health officials and having their entire workforces operate remotely. Some for the first time.

This can be a difficult transition. From technologies, to corporate and interpersonal communications, remote working has its challenges.

Catalyte has navigated these challenges for over a decade. Here are a few quick and easy pointers to make this transition easier.

Treat all workers the same

Never treat remote and office-based developers differently. There should be the same accountability, same hours and the same oversight for remote and in-office workers. You want to avoid resentment if there are different standards for those forced/opting to work from home and those who still remain in an office space.

Use technology to maximize communication

Done properly, remote workers communicate more effectively than in-office teams. One key reason for that is that teleconferencing is more efficient. Your meetings are recorded, and you don’t waste time walking around an office from meeting to meeting. When remote workers have those same discussions on Slack or in e-mail or via smartphone texting, everything is captured and transcribed. The group no longer needs to rely on sometimes faulty recollections.Increase Corporate Communications

In a time of uncertainty, or at a time when remote work is a new experience for most or many of your employees, make sure you are over communicating corporate updates. What is the status of your corporate remote work policies? Who is informing clients of updates? What is the status of other employees in the area or across the country?

Treat people as people. Understand that we will all have anxiety and stresses outside of the day-to-day work responsibilities. Communicate expectations and then be there to help support your employees so they can meet them.

What’s next?

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we don’t know if remote work will be the new standard for days, weeks or months. As you progress with your remote workforce, you’ll start to learn what works for your company and culture, and where processes, tools and policies need to be modified.

Please reach out if you need someone to talk with about the best ways to manage remote workers. We’re here to share what we know and get everyone through this disruption as smoothly as possible.

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