Sourcing for Innovation – Ep. 8: STEP the Movie

By Adam Curtis

The best films are those which make you think, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Such is the case with STEP, a new documentary about three young women in Baltimore, trying to overcome the odds and make it to college despite all the obstacles life throws their way.

Its message, that aptitude is everywhere and just needs an opportunity to shine, is what Catalyte has preached and practiced for 17 years.

Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu and BLSYW Principal Chevonne Hall in the lobby of the Charles Theatre before screening of the STEP documentary
Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu and BLSYW Principal Chevonne Hall

During our recent screening of the film, we sat down with Chevonne Hall, principal of the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (the school featured in the movie) to dig deeper into the themes of community, perseverance, mentoring, importance of education and technology and how unleash the potential inside every person.

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