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AI readiness assessment.

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Total score:

Business readiness:

Business readiness > 75%

Congratulations! Your organization has done a lot of work to understand AI use cases for your business and align key stakeholders. Next steps may include identifying pilot programs, planning for governance and identifying key technologies/platforms.
Organizational readiness:

Organizational readiness > 75%

Great news. It looks like your organization is ready to roll with AI. Upskilling and change management will be critical to AI success in any organization. Curriculum planning, hiring key resources and engaging with trusted advisors will likely be important next steps.
Technology readiness:

Technology readiness > 75%

Congratulations on having a forward-looking and tech savvy organization. Platform selection, data preparation and proper security posture are critical elements of AI success.
Policy or governance readiness:

Policy or governance readiness > 75%

It looks like your organization is well on the way to success in terms of the ethical, governance and risk management components needed for successful AI adoption.

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