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Catalyte securely automates management of the entire lifecycle for thousands of remote employees

Professional Case Management (PCM) provides national in-home healthcare services. With a growing remote contingent employee population of 4500+, its manual system for employee lifecycle management, including onboarding and offboarding, updates to employee attributes and profiles, assigning software licenses, device level audit access and managing user and customer security policies, became unworkable. PCM turned to Catalyte to create a secure and automated solution to manage its remote workforce that puts the safety of their employees and communities first.

Costs of manual workforce management

PCM used Workday as its system of record for employee information. Because Workday wasn’t integrated into other vital systems, management of the full user lifecycle was manual, time consuming and error prone. Employee data needed to be manually re-entered into several systems. Temporary passwords were managed on a spreadsheet.

Data entry mistakes and the lack of visibility between the systems meant onboarding new users was long and inefficient. This put a tremendous strain on PCM’s hardworking HR staff. Human resources and administrative staff were overwhelmed with user management issues, unable to get information when they needed it and were required to manually review system logs for errors in the user management process. Without an automated solution, they would continue to be overburdened and patient care would be in danger of delays.

Fully automated, from start to finish

Catalyte’s Secure Workforce Lifecycle Management solution allows PCM to manage the entire lifecycle of its remote workforce without manual intervention. Once a new user is created or deleted in Workday, the solution manages email address creation or deletion, password reset and software license allocation, including SaaS applications such as Salesforce. The solution was implemented utilizing Workday and Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AAD).

With the Secure Remote Workforce Lifecycle Management solution, PCM is able to:

  • Automate management of the entire lifecycle of the workforce – currently a time-consuming, error-prone manual process.
  • Control data security from Workday to provide only the appropriate data other applications require. The ability to push different attributes to different applications as needed.
  • Automate provisioning of new accounts in AAD based on newly created workers in Workday.
  • Automate write-back of a new user’s User Principal Name into Workday as their work email address.
  • Automate single sign-on for users to log onto Workday with their AAD credentials.
  • Automate updating of account attributes based on values retrieved from Workday.
  • Automate setting of passwords on newly created accounts in AAD.
  • Automate notification of issues in provisioning and updating users modernized application built on Microsoft Graph technology.

“While always important, in-home healthcare services have become a critical lifeline for thousands of Americans during this pandemic. To provide the best possible care, we need our employees focused on patients, not on repetitive administrative functions. Catalyte’s Secure Remote Workforce Lifecycle Management allows them to do just that. PCM now has a secure, automated way to manage and keep our remote workforce safe and focused on patient care. We have saved over 500 hours of staff time in the first few months of using the solution and we’re now able to grow faster and provide care to more people sooner.”

– Charlie Billings: CIO, Professional Case Management

Discover how Catalyte’s Secure Remote Workforce Lifecycle Management solution can work for your organization.

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