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We share many success stories of Catalyte apprentice developers, extraordinary individuals from unexpected backgrounds who are blazing a new career path in the tech industry.

But the stories don’t stop when people advance further in their careers. Ninety-four percent of our alumni remain in the technology industry. They go on to work for such notable companies as Nike, Amazon, Microsoft or PayPal.

Meet Jamar Johnson, Catalyte alum now working at Comcast as the director of quality and release management, HR technology and information strategy. He also chairs Comcast’s Black Employee Network.

Here’s what Jamar had to say about how Catalyte helped ignite his software engineering potential and launch a career he didn’t consider possible.

You can listen to the full candid conversation with Jamar below, where he discusses his developer journey from a nontraditional background to leading teams at one of America’s largest companies. He also dives into how the tech industry as a whole can do a better job using technology to create a diverse talent pool and build more equitable companies. Hint: everyone speaks “green.”

Sourcing for Innovation · Alumni Conversation: Jamar Johnson of Comcast

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