Catalyte awarded Maryland government contract worth up to $15M

Annapolis, Maryland, USA downtown view over Main Street with the State House at dawn.

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After a thorough review process, the State of Maryland selected Catalyte to fulfill the IT Innovative Workforce Solution program.

This program will provide work opportunities to individuals becoming technology apprentices. Through Catalyte, more Marylanders previously excluded from tech jobs now have the opportunity for a new, family-sustaining technology career.

The program contract is worth up to an initial $9M over three years, with options to extend another two years at a rate of $3M/year.

This validates our ability to source, develop and deploy extraordinary technology talent that others overlook – or can not see. We can enable Maryland agencies and local governments to achieve important goals in the areas of workforce diversity and investment in local communities, along with the technical objective to develop a creative, innovative, high-performing and agile IT workforce.

The Baltimore Business Journal covered news of the contract.

The contract with the state represents part of a new business plan for the company. Previously, Catalyte would train software developers who would stay at the company, but now developers trained at Catalyte are meant to become permanent employees at other companies. Koch Industries, which sought out Catalyte to train new programmers in Wichita, Kansas, is one of the first clients to work with Catalyte based on this new talent pipeline model. Many of the people trained in Wichita were existing Koch employees. The company also works with companies with a large presence in Baltimore such as T. Rowe Price Group Inc. and Exelon Corp.

A benefit of the new Catalyte model is that clients are able to have the company provide customized training based around specific needs.

Non-subscribers can view the full article here. Baltimore and WJZ – CBS Baltimore provided additional coverage.

If you work for a Maryland state agency or local government and are interested in how Catalyte can provide more a productive and diverse tech workforce, please contact us at

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