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The concept of outsourcing is nothing new. But, as Steve Lohr of the New York Times recently wrote about, more companies are looking to outsource their software development work here in the United States.

For the article, Mr. Lohr spoke to Catalyte’s founder Michael Rosenbaum and one of our long-term clients, Cambia Health Solutions. You can read those quotes below and find the full article here.

Cambia Health Solutions, which has its headquarters in Portland, Ore., is a health insurer with two million members. In recent years, it has moved beyond insurance to provide consumers with online tools to shop for doctors and specialists, for example, and to sort through drug options based on effectiveness, prices and user reviews.

In the past two years, Cambia Health has cut its use of an offshore outsourcer in India by half, said Laurent Rotival, the company’s chief information officer. And the insurer has enlisted the help of Catalyte, an onshore outsourcer. “They can ramp up quickly,” Mr. Rotival said.

Catalyte, based in Baltimore, has doubled its work force in the last two years, to 300 people. To accommodate rapid growth, Catalyte is scouting locations for two new centers, which the company hopes to open by the end of this year, said Michael Rosenbaum, founder of Catalyte.

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