Steve Case promotes Catalyte on “Rise of the Rest” book tour

Book cover for Steve Case's Rise of the Rest

Put our talent to work

For Steve Case, “Rise of the Rest” started with the thesis that investors should pay more attention to ideas happening outside the coastal hot spots of New York, Silicon Valley and Seattle.

From there, a national bus tour and an investment fund supported innovative companies building profitable enterprises and strengthening communities. The latest in this revolution is the book, “Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places are Building the New American Dream.” It in, Steve devotes a chapter to Catalyte and our ability to uncover, unlock and unleash undiscovered tech talent. He interviewed CEO Jacob Hsu about how finding this hidden talent can benefit individuals, companies and whole communities.

Jake looked around at the echo chamber of the Silicon Valley tech world and had a wakeup call: “We couldn’t keep growing our economy by leaving half the workforce behind,” he said. “The pedigree bias had been exacerbating the opportunity gap, the wealth gap, and the skills gap. It was a self-perpetuating vicious cycle.”

On his “Rise of the Rest” book tour, Steve has been vocal about Catalyte and the difference we make in creating a more productive and inclusive economy. You can hear some of his remarks below.

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