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Catalyte has always helped companies build sustainable, diverse and more productive technology workforces while developing digital products to meet their business objectives. But we know that not everyone who wants to build their own workforce is looking for immediate engineering services help. And those looking for immediate technical help aren’t necessarily focused on building a sustainable talent pipeline.

To simplify things, we’ve created two go-to-market brands within the company:

  • Catalyte, focused on talent transformation
  • Surge – a Catalyte company, focused on on-demand engineering services

Surge – a Catalyte company offers:

  • An on-demand, frictionless and flexible model
  • A tremendous array of senior experts who are well-versed across the spectrum of tech stacks and programming frameworks
  • Junior resources, who are high-potential, well-trained in engineering fundamentals and ready to learn
  • SDETs, project managers, UX/UI, agile coaches and many other resources and services to meet specific client needs

Catalyte will remain focused on the technology and process for finding, training and employing software developers from non-traditional backgrounds. This includes creating workforce transformation programs or talent centers for clients and regional communities.

Our current pilot program with Koch Industries is a great example. Catalyte’s technology and training will help Koch find exceptional developers in Wichita, Kansas, not a traditional tech talent hub. After being trained in our standard Catalyte program, these apprentice developers can be hired directly by Koch companies.

Catalyte is a special company. Our two brands reinforce each other and our mission. We remain committed to finding the best talent, regardless of background or location, and creating new opportunities in the tech industry.

Now, it’s easier for you to secure the amazing technology talent you need, how and when you need it.

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