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By Adam Curtis

TikTok, Google, Instagram, Reddit and almost all websites and apps rely on digital advertising to stay in business. As we all spend more time online and on our phones, companies are rushing to grow their digital marketing and advertising teams, hiring thousands of people in the process.

These are in-demand jobs with amazing growth potential. Catalyte’s digital media planner program is your fast track into this lucrative new career.

Here’s how it works

  • You’ll take a two-hour online screening to discover if you have the potential to become a great digital media planner with Catalyte.
  • Next, you’ll participate in our paid, eight-week development program. All successful graduates are guaranteed a job.
  • Once hired, you work on a variety of real projects over a six-month period.

This program is designed to give you the real-world experience employers want. It will quickly supercharge your skills and set you up for immediate and future success. Here’s what your career could look like as a result.

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