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Career Karma - Catalyte - Deep dive - What is the Catalyte developer program?

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In as little as 12 weeks, Catalyte can help transform anyone into a software developer.

But what exactly does our software developer program entail? What will you learn? Do you need a background in technology in order to participate?

Our friends at Career Karma put together this article that explains the program and how it’s different from other training options.

The zero-dollar price tag attached to Catalyte’s training is a remarkable and unique feature. There are no upfront costs, hidden charges, ISA agreements or loan repayment plans. This provides equal opportunity to all trainees regardless of financial circumstances.

Usually, a career switch comes with several risks. Several bootcamps place a high price on their training, making it difficult for many to access their training without getting into debt. Also, they often do not guarantee that the students will get a job after. Catalyte’s free program, along with its job guarantee feature, drastically reduces the risk for the trainees.

You can learn more about what you’ll learn during the course of the program in the infographic below. If you’re ready to see if you qualify, the first step is to register and complete our online screening. You can do that here.

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