Budgeting for digital transformation

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You’ve implemented agile and DevOps. You’ve adjusted from a “project” to a “product” and bi-modal development mindset. You’re on the way to a complete digital transformation when…your budget requests are rejected because they don’t meet company standard.

The ability to change the budgeting process for application development can mean the success or failure of your digital transformation. Mike Rosenbaum, Catalyte’s executive chairman, explains this roadblock in his latest InfoWorld column:

“… without a new understanding and evidence of the value, ROI and speed that innovation projects can deliver, CFOs are rightly reluctant to change the ways they fund development efforts.

It is up to us, the technologists, to not only ensure that finance and other leaders understand this new way, but to provide evidence upfront of likely success and to establish empirical outcomes to which we will be held accountable. Otherwise, those who hold the purse strings will always be an impediment to digital transformation…

The CFO is a powerful ally to have on your side during a digital transformation. You know that changes to funds allocation is in the best interest of the company and its competitive advantage in a digital world. Now prove it.”

You can read more of Mike’s thoughts on innovation, application development and IT talent on his “Sourcing for Innovation” blog.

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