Catalyte participates in CNBC’s Capital Exchange Summit

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Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu, along with executives from IBM, AARP and CareerBuilder, participated in CNBC’s Capital Exchange Summit. He discussed Catalyte’s ability to use AI to identify talent and upskill workers for the tech-led economy.

“I think what AI is helping us do is uncover things that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen,” said Jacob Hsu, CEO of workforce data science company Catalyte, at CNBC’s Capital Exchange Summit in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. “Our company is built on the premise that talent and ability are evenly distributed, even if opportunity hasn’t been.

“We’re using AI to identify exceptional people from all walks of life that have remarkable ability to actually be very rapidly retrained to not just be good engineers but the very highest-performing, most successful engineers in the industry. So we’re literally hiring truck drivers and teachers, retail workers and fast-food workers … and very rapidly, within 20 weeks, getting them through a computer science degree and getting them into not just actual jobs but proving they can be highest performers in those roles.”

You can watch some of Jacob’s remarks here and here.

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