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Catalyte recently announced the launch of Odyssey, its talent transformation platform. Odyssey helps employers and community coalitions create high-performing technology workforces that are diverse, local, cost-efficient and sustainable.

The platform caught the attention of multiple media outlets for how it can discover, train and advance non-traditional employees for the technology industry. From the Baltimore Business Journal:

Catalyte has rolled its developer-making model into a standardized platform that it plans to sell, so that other companies can bolster their own diverse tech workforces in a cost-efficient and sustainable way.

The new platform is called Odyssey. It uses artificial intelligence and analytics tools to identify high-potential individuals inside large corporations, who can then enroll in Catalyte’s accelerated training program. The program aims to prepare candidates to work as developers on client projects in five months. And after the program concludes, workers can stay in touch with a “journey coach” who can continue to provide feedback and guidance. Executives can actively track employees’ training progress through the Odyssey platform.

Other outlets to cover Odyssey include Cheddar, Baltimore and The Daily Record.

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