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Close up of Michelle, a Catalyte digital media apprentice, programmatic associate with Eight Bar and Group M and a former college student

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The current economic downturn has disproportionately impacted the advertising industry. But, analysts are optimistic of a turnaround for the second half of 2023.

Regardless of business conditions, agencies need reliable, productive digital media talent; talent that can provide value on day one and grow into future leaders.

Catalyte has partnered with the 4A’s to do just that: provide a pipeline of digital media talent that can make an immediate, positive impact on business outcomes. The results of this partnership have been impressive.

  • Catalyte has deployed 86 apprentices across 12 agencies in the last 16 months.
  • Agencies have converted 90% of those apprentices to full-time employees.
  • The attrition rate of these conversion sits at 0%. This is in contrast to the average industry attrition rate of 30%.

What’s the key to this success? The people we discover, develop and deploy. People with the grit, determination and real-world experience to succeed now and quickly grow into agency leaders. Listen to three of their stories below. And then let us know how we can deliver more talent just like them to you.


Ever since sixth grade, Michelle knew she wanted to be in advertising. Commercials were her favorite part of watching TV. But due to family emergencies, she had to put her academic career on hold. Still with the desire to succeed, Michelle didn’t know where to turn next.

She found her opportunity in Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship. A programmatic buying associate, she was the first of her coworkers to win employee of the month. Michelle takes create pride in bringing her Latina perspective to her accounts.


Kyle tried the traditional collegiate route to success. But mounting debt, the pandemic and a sense of being able to achieve more on his own changed his path.

He found Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship. It didn’t matter where he came from or what jobs he’d done before. Here was an opportunity to prove himself through hard work. Kyle is now a key programmatic associate with EssenceMediaCom.


Heather was burned out. As an elementary school teacher, she’d given her all to her students to the point of crying in the car coming home everyday. For her mental health, and her financial future, she needed a career change.

Through Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship she found hope. She found joy in a career, applying her teaching abilities with love of technology to help some of the world’s biggest brands reach new customers. She’s continually motivated to do more and help others like her find similar success at EssenceMediaCom.

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