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Catalyte and the 4A’s have launched an exclusive partnership that aims to provide the advertising industry with a pipeline of highly vetted and diverse talent through Catalyte’s end-to-end reskilling platform. Participating members of the 4A’s will now be able to exclusively leverage Catalyte’s proprietary, unbiased AI technology to find undiscovered talent from all across America. Meaning, member agencies will lead the charge on what agencies can look like. Leaning on over 20 years of experience, Catalyte will develop 4A’s Certified apprentices and deploy them to your agency. The result is a streamlined, de-risked and a lower-cost way to hire talent that will outproduce those hired by traditional methods.

Agencies we work with

Agency benefits​

We work closely with 4A’s members to ensure we deliver the right, high-quality talent for your agency’s needs.

  • Highly vetted, quality talent
  • Streamlined hiring process
  • More inclusive and representative workforce
  • De-risked hiring model
Numbers to know


Apprentice to FTE conversion rate


Identified as BIPOC


Identified as from an underrepresented community


Of apprentices joining Catalyte did not have a four-year college degree

How it works

We reduce hiring risks and allow agencies to evaluate an apprentice before converting them to full-time hires.

Step 1


Catalyte sources, screens and prepares candidates for the apprentice program.

  • Extensive vetting
  • 8 weeks paid development

Step 2


Catalyte develops apprentices’ skills to be job-ready on the agreed upon date.

  • No interview
  • Ready on day one

Step 3


Placed on a four-to-six month contract basis, you can experience their quality before committing to a full-time hire.

  • Bi-weekly coaching
  • NPS scoring
  • Client engagement

Step 4


Post contract assignment, agencies can hire apprentices full time.

  • Culture fit validation
  • Establishing quality talent as future leaders

Career pathways

Digital media

Our digital media discipline includes programmatic, paid search and paid social.

Sales, AM & PM roles

coming soon

We are rapidly expanding into business development representatives, account management and project management disciplines.

Tech roles

Need help filling a tech role? We have front end developers, back end developers, business analysts and QA resources ready to deploy to your agency.

Alumni success stories
Former Pharmacy technician supervisor
Logo for Omnicom Media Group
Former Retail sales consultant
Logo for Omnicom Media Group
Former Etsy shop owner

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