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On my trip yesterday from Baltimore to Orlando for the 2016 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, I checked in for my flight online; printed my boarding pass from an unmanned kiosk; hailed an Uber from the airport to my hotel; receive a re-programmable key for my room; downloaded the Symposium app for the show’s schedule.

The remarkable thing about all this, is that it doesn’t sound remarkable. As people, we take these digital conveniences for granted. We expect to do all that, and more, with just a tap here or a click there.

This is why Catalyst DevWorks is at the Gartner Symposium. We are here to help other companies better serve customers who expect a seamless digital experience.

While we as people have quickly adjusted to the new digital world, companies in more “traditional” or non-tech markets haven’t been as fast to adapt. Retail, hospitality, healthcare or financial services industries, that for years have been people-centric, now find themselves racing to keep up with the growing digital customer demand.

Today, our CEO Mike Rosenbaum and Jim Mitchell of Choice Hotels International will present a detailed case study on how one of the largest international hospitality companies utilized Catalyst to help it capitalize on digital and become an industry leader.

If you’re at the show, stop by the session at 1:45 in Asia 1, located in the Dolphin building. If not, stay tuned in a few weeks and we’ll share video of the session.

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