Catalyte speaks at Microsoft Inspire 2022

Bring solutions to market with #BuildFor2030 and drive social impact - Microsoft Inspire, July 19-20

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During Microsoft Inspire 2021, Microsoft named Catalyte its Inclusion Changemaker Partner of the Year.

At this year’s event, our CEO Jacob Hsu will be part of an important panel discussion on how employers can accelerate business innovation and drive social impact. The session is available on demand. Joining Jacob are the CEOs of Earth Knowledge and Propelelo.

The panel is focused around the ideas of Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 initiative. Catalyte participated in the #BuildFor2020 hackathon last year. A team of our developers was one of the few named a “Hackathon Hero” for its work in developing an application that would allow potential employees to understand and rate a company’s DEI policies and culture.

Details on this session are below.

Along with the panel, Jacob was part of a video series with other #BuildFor2030 participants, speaking to the power of these goals in changing the face and direction of the tech industry.

Microsoft Inspire 2022 session details

Title: Bring solutions to market with #BuildFor2030 and drive social impact

Description: Business is a huge driver for change in our world. The Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative is a call to action for partners to accelerate innovation, changemaking and collective impact, helping to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Hear from participating partners how they’re leveraging technical assistance, GTM benefits and feature opportunities in the marketplace. Extend your reach and grow your business while making a difference.

Link to on-demand video:

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