Consumer packaged goods advanced analytics company
Data analytics company needed a faster way to analyze and formulate insights from its 10+ petabytes of customer data to keep pace with emerging digital-first competitors
Catalyte built a custom, secure, easy-to-use platform for 600+ data scientists

Key Technologies/Skills






Catalyte provided the software engineering leadership and talent to modernize an advanced consumer data analytics company’s data science/business intelligence platform to make better business decisions based on customer and company data. The new platform reduced the time to spin up data science infrastructure from months to hours for the company’s 600+ data scientists. It helped the client leverage actionable insights into better company performance.

The advanced consumer data analytics company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a national supermarket retailer. With over 3,000 stores nationwide, the parent company has a plethora of customer and company data. The process to access, assess and analyze this data kept the client from fully leveraging this valuable resource. To keep pace with the rise of digital-first competitors, it needed a better platform to mine its vast “data lake.” The advanced analytics company turned to Catalyte to quickly scale its own development teams and enable its data scientists faster, more user-friendly access to data.

Improving data science

The national supermarket retailer built a vast data lake from varied sources including customer loyalty information, point of sale transactions, supply-chain logistics and store performance metrics. The key to leveraging this data to improve business performance was to provide the advanced analytics company’s data scientists quick and easy access. However, the current platform included many manual approval and provisioning processes, which slowed access, and a user interface that didn’t allow for full visibility in other lines of inquiry and analysis. Making these processes faster, better integrated and more efficient was crucial for the national supermarket retailer to hone its competitive advantage over the likes of new arrivals to the grocery industry, like Amazon.

Connecting the dots, faster

Catalyte teams hit the ground running to help the advanced analytics company reduce delay and increase performance of its data science platform, and implement best practices for development and architecture. Aggregating multiple background services and other teams services, Catalyte’s engineers built a custom, intuitive user interface for the client’s data scientists. This new UI allowed data to be more easily searched and analyzed. It also created searchable metadata that advanced collaboration among the data scientists. Code and analysis outputs could now be shared with, or searched by, other internal teams. Built into the new UI and aggregation systems was a level of primary user identification/authentication. This eliminated the need for manual authentication, which had slowed down access to data, and increased the security surrounding the data lake.

Making the data lake easier to navigate

Catalyte’s work allowed the data science platform to deliver critical information and insights faster in order to make better informed business decisions. With a new on-demand platform, data scientists could set up infrastructure in a matter of hours, rather than months. The platform also provided a uniform, single source of data truth with granular permissions, simultaneously increasing collaboration and security. Now with the ability to better search for and re-use queries and data models, the advanced analytics company can produce data science at the speed of modern business comparable with other digital-first competitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Faster, better data science: New platform allows advanced analytics company to increase collaboration and procure data science development infrastructure in hours rather than months
  • System built for the future: Focus on architectural best practices allows for increased growth and flexibility as the client prepares for influx of additional and potentially unknown and unstructured data streams
  • Single source of truth and security: Curated data lake holds single source of truth with increased security through faster, automated granular permissions
  • Improved understanding of business: With more efficient ways to analyze data, advanced analytics company now has a better understanding of national supermarket retailer’s customers, paving the way for reimagined experiences, improve store performance and greater competitive advantage