A global provider of data and revenue-generating solutions for hoteliers
A technology hospitality company needed to overhaul its application's UI/UX while keeping the backend pricing engine as the driving force for the site
Catalyte designed the UI/UX of a pricing engine that powers leading hotel websites around the world

Key Technologies/Skills

Angular JS




Catalyte delivered a modernized site that compressed 20 pages of data input to two, making it easier for our client’s end users to take advantage of its industry-leading pricing engine. In addition, Catalyte provided an organization-wide style guide to be used for future development updates.

A leading hospitality technology company offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions that help hotels around the world maximize revenue. To continue providing the best solution possible, this company wanted to modernize its user interface and experience, while keeping its industry-best pricing engine intact. The company needed a partner that could navigate these competing front and back end goals. It turned to Catalyte.

User-centered design process lays foundation for project

From the beginning, Catalyte’s user experience (UX) experts worked closely with our client and its customer base to establish how they used the product. Following a user-centered design process, Catalyte conducted user interviews to understand current workflows and opportunities for improvement. The UX team used data from these encounters to design wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes. Throughout the project, Catalyte ran remote qualitative usability studies on the prototypes and early versions of the working software.

Modular architecture delivered in just eight weeks

As the core of its business, the company’s pricing engine had to remain the primary site driver. But, to increase customer interaction and satisfaction, Catalyte had to present it in a way that made its detailed and powerful features easier to leverage. The development team used the prototypes to guide its work as it balanced creating a modular architecture that powered a visually appealing and easy-to-use site. Complicating the project was a compressed delivery schedule. Catalyte had just eight weeks, which included Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays, to develop a working proof of concept. After hitting this deadline, the full project was delivered in approximately five months, in time for a major release and brand update.

Delivered a modern, dynamically driven and streamline experience

In addition to the modernized site, Catalyte contributed to an organization-wide style guide. Beyond fonts and colors, this guide presented templates for around 30 web components that could be reused across all corporate products. Catalyte delivered a modern, easy-to-use site that is dynamically driven and provides a modular architecture. The team compressed 20 pages of inputs into two, allowing customers to more easily navigate and post rooms, deals and discounts through the pricing engine. Catalyte remains a trusted consultant to the hospitality technology client, helping it iterate on the next versions of the site to make sure it exceeds the needs of both the product and technical teams.

Key Takeaways

  • UX integration into agile process: User experience research/data informed development process from start of project
  • Effective project management: Managing Catalyte and client teams to meet compressed conceptual and production schedules
  • Client insight: User research provided deeper understanding of how customers used and wanted to use client’s product