Business applications

Connect data, people and processes

Build efficient systems that fit specific business needs

Enable employee success with the proper technology.

Successful business applications implementation aligns interface, workflows and data models to the way your organization operates. This increases workplace efficiency, reduces overhead, improves operational velocity and provides real-time, actionable insights.

To ensure success, we will work with you to identify key personas, data models, processes, integrations and business intelligence needs. With this knowledge, we can build lean, efficient systems that meet your organization’s specific business needs.

How can we streamline your business?

Business applications expertise

Low-code application development

Reduce time and cost.
Leverage low-code tools to to solve common line-of-business problems and compress development cycles.


Microsoft Power Apps

Business process automation

Increase efficiency.
Automate complex, event-driven processes with approvals, branching logic and systems integration.

Microsoft Power Automate

Rapid prototyping

Iterate faster.
Quickly develop application data and UI models. Iterate over prototypes to prove concepts and validate approaches.


Microsoft Power Apps

Line-of-business data modeling

Define the business domain.
Design data models, relationships and data types. Validate them against forms and workflows in real time.


Microsoft Power Apps

Systems integration

Eliminate silos.
Integrate disparate systems using a common framework for business logic, transformation and connectivity.

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure Functions

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Apps

Business applications FAQs

What are line-of-business applications?

Line-of-business applications are software applications specifically designed to support and streamline the core functions and operations of a particular organization or industry. These applications are tailored to meet the unique needs of an organization’s day-to-day processes, such as customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM), inventory management, financial tracking and more. They help organizations manage their operations efficiently, enhance productivity and achieve their specific business goals.

Why do we need help implementing business applications?

The differentiator in business applications is how well the application collects, relates, query and views types of core organizational data, and how the application represents, facilitates and expedites the core processes of your organization. Organizations also need to take security, data retention, auditing and communication requirements into account when implementing business applications.


We understand the critical value in leveraging those common features and components to craft agile, flexible and usable applications that free your employees to focus on high value efforts that improve the bottom line.

What is your approach to line-of-business application development?

We will work with you to understand your domain, identify key personas, data models, processes, integrations and business intelligence needs. Armed with this knowledge, we leverage platforms such as Microsoft Power Platform and to craft lean, efficient systems that fit your specific business needs. This way, we create data models, views, forms and business processes that accurately represent your business.

What happens if business processes change during implementation?

With rapid prototyping, we can clarify and prove the data model, iterating quickly over it without incurring major refactoring and coding costs. When the data model represents your business, we can quickly move into user experience. We will create forms, views, reports, dashboards and processes that ensure data quality, expedite data entry and management tasks and provide relevant business intelligence to the right users at the right time.

How do you help with business intelligence?

We help achieve business intelligence success through automation and standardization of data transfer, messaging and event communication between IT and the other line-of-business systems. This enables agile, efficient processes and robust insights deriving new predictions and a deeper understanding of your business.

How do you help with process automation?

We use business applications to connect data, people and processes, so that you can better serve users and advance business objectives. We first understand the human element of your organization and then build systems that enable success.

Client Success stories

We help organizations achieve more

Here are just some of the examples of how we’ve helped clients attain business applications success. 

Additional solutions
Our consultants help you create the right cloud strategy. Our architects build you a system that delivers.
Extract value and insights from your systems, and drive business performance with faster, more intelligent data analysis.
We build and modernize custom applications, focusing on user experience, data and security.

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