Global vacation ownership company
To transform the travel experience, the client needed to evolve its vacation network site from a digital brochure to an interactive portal that promotes engagement between owners, vacation renters and third-party vendors
Catalyte developed a SaaS portal to increase customer and social engagement while streamlining application interactions

Key Technologies/Skills






Catalyte assembled a scrum team with the right skills and knowledge needed to effectively develop and deliver a digital portal. Adoption and use of the portal has exceeded expectations, and Catalyte continues to collaborate with the client on future enhancements.

An established global vacation ownership resorts and fractional-residential properties company, that provides privileged access to over 1,100 hotels and resorts in nearly 100 countries, had embraced technology in order transform how its owners travel and to deliver personal and unique travel experiences. To reinforce its brand promise, and in response to customer demand, the company decided to evolve its vacation network website from a digital brochure to a portal that provides an interactive and meaningful experience for property owners, members and third-party vendors.

Continuing relationship builds trust

Catalyte had already worked with the customer on many strategic projects, including an agile transformation for its parent company. For this project, the company engaged Catalyte to build out the vacation network portal to include new capabilities that would promote better engagement and serve multiple constituents. Catalyte deployed an agile team that included a business analyst who collaborated with customer stakeholders to identify and prioritize requirements for the new portal. The team identified a need to first build an online reservation system for properties that would also route visitors to the appropriate brand site.

Cloud infrastructure ensures data integrity and streamlined user interactions

After completion of the online reservation capabilities, Catalyte expanded the portal to integrate with the customer’s personalization engine. This engine allows guests to sign in, establish accounts, set preferences and receive a personalized experience that includes special offers, insight into future/upcoming offers and availability notices for properties of interest. In addition to building the integration, Catalyte was engaged to help maintain and enhance that app. Similarly, Catalyte integrated the SaaS portal to the company’s online account management tool. This provides account management capabilities like viewing and confirming reservations, making maintenance fee and mortgage payments and checking account balances. The customer engaged Catalyte to help improve this tool as well. To improve user experience with the portal and eliminate individual logins for each of the connected services, Catalyte developed a single sign-on capability. Because of the need to integrate multiple services and implement single sign-on, Catalyte assembled a team that included developers with experience building on cloud computing platforms and navigating the multiple divides that exist in cloud applications. This experience was critical in ensuring the integrity of data stored on premise and the availability of that data to worldwide users via a cloud infrastructure.

Iterative development created instant value and increased engagement

Because Catalyte delivered the portal in an agile/iterative manner, the customer could quickly deliver a digital experience to its users. Catalyte is currently helping enhance the portal by expanding it to provide a platform for the company’s partners to offer specials, like discounted tickets for local attractions or geographically targeted discounts for travel services such as car rentals, to its customer base. The client also asked Catalyte to draw upon its experience in developing and delivering engaging social experiences, as the company wants to grow and nurture a community of property owners and renters. The first part of the social effort, a photo upload capability for visitors to different properties, was successfully completed. The customer’s internal goal was to achieve 10,000 photo uploads in the first year this capability was available. Once delivered, it recorded 10,000 uploads in just two months.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapid response: Fast team deployment and ramp up resulted in rapid delivery of the portal, enabling customer to quickly deliver an enhanced digital experience
  • High levels of quality and productivity supported by metrics: Iterative delivery of working product that quickly met customer needs and built loyalty
  • Agile development: A need to deliver working product iteratively enabled company to meet customer expectations, react to customer feedback and ultimately deliver a personalized, memorable experience