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Quote from Jacob Hsu given on Singularity University Panel: We need tocontinue professional development on the job. Every profession is going to continue to evolve dynamically in the future, and this needs to be embraced by training on the job.

Skills of tomorrow – Jacob Hsu on Singularity University panel


The need to rapidly retrain and upskill employees has never been greater.


Time to use data for social good


By using data and data science for social good, we can strengthen companies and communities.


To build a more inclusive tech industry, focus on systems


By changing systems, you can create a pipeline of inclusivity, rather than attempt to diversify your workforce person by person.


Exploiting the energy of the digital storm – Recap from #GartnerTGI

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In order to grow, companies must be prepared for all aspects of their business model (customer, value proposition, profit model, capabilities) to change.

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