Paper lanterns float into the night sky represent Catalyte launching thousands of tech careers.

Extraordinary tech talent
from unexpected places

Catalyte trains people like Maisie and Katherine to be software developers.

Ignite potential

Technology talent is abundant, if you know how to find and develop it.

Catalyte offers immediate access to U.S.-based junior tech talent. We can also help you develop your own long-term talent pipeline.

Blaze a trail

Catalyte supplies developers and builds tech talent pipelines anywhere.

Doctor uses Casenet software built by Catalyte junior software developers.

Casenet recognized the powerful ability of Catalyte's software developers from non-traditional backgrounds.

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Baltimore's Inner Harbor at sunset. Cities like Balitmore are using Catalyte for junior tech talent.

The City of Baltimore is using Catalyte to build a pipeline of junior developers to deploy across city agencies.

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See how we shine
Our developers come from diverse, non-traditional backgrounds.
Katlyn was a barista who became a Catalyte full stack developer and built this website.

Katlyn was a coffeehouse manager. Today, she is a full stack developer.

Tim became a developer at Catalyte without a college degree.

Tim joined Catalyte without a college degree. He’s now a QA team leader.

Nicole went from a creative writing major to a software developer with Catalyte.

A creative writing major, Nicole applied her language skills to launch a new technology career.

Mohammad finally broke into the tech industry through Catalyte's apprenticeship.

He knew he had the ability to be a developer, but only Catalyte gave Mohammad the opportunity.

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