Black woman sits in office chair. A former school teacher, she is now a Catalye software engineer.

Ready for a new career as a software developer?

It starts with screening

Person on computer taking the Catalyte screening. This is the first step to becoming a software developer.

You'll take a two-hour online screening to discover if you have the potential to become a great software developer with Catalyte.

Six months of intensive training

Black woman working on an assignment during the Catalyte software developer training program.

Next, you'll participate in our free software developer training program. All successful graduates are guaranteed a job.

Software developer apprenticeship

A man and a woman on a laptop computer solving a challenging software development problem.

You'll apply your talents on a variety of real projects, under the guidance of a dedicated coach, during a two-year paid apprenticeship.

Real people, hidden talent
With potential, your future is bright. Meet others who changed the course of their lives through Catalyte’s software developer apprenticeship program.
Katlyn was a barista who became a Catalyte full stack developer and built this website.

Katlyn was a coffeehouse manager. Today, she is a full stack developer.

Tim became a developer at Catalyte without a college degree.

Tim joined Catalyte without a college degree. He’s now a QA team leader.

Nicole went from a creative writing major to a software developer with Catalyte.

A creative writing major, Nicole applied her language skills to launch a new technology career.

Mohammad finally broke into the tech industry through Catalyte's apprenticeship.

He knew he had the ability to be a developer, but only Catalyte gave Mohammad the opportunity.

Change your life

Paper lanterns float into the night sky represent Catalyte launching thousands of tech careers

It's a career, not a job.

Catalyte can help increase an individual’s earnings by almost 4x in just five years. Before joining Catalyte, the average salary of our program graduates was $25K. Five years after completing our training, that salary average is $98K.

Ninety-four percent of our program graduates stay in technology and land opportunities at companies such as Amazon and Nike. Others join startups, government agencies or become independent consultants.

Ready to launch? Apply today.